Short Programme


This is a comprehensive course that teaches learners all the essential skills they need to advance their career and become a truly proficient computer user. Furthermore, the course prepares learners for the ICDL certification examinations. The course package includes step-by-step lessons in six modules. Learners will be able to manage document files, share information with colleagues, use styles for consistent, easy formatting, create databases, communicate with electronic mail and explore the Internet.

The short programmes offered by Centurion Academy have been developed to enhance the skills of those already in the workplace and are non-credit bearing.

Ideal for...
  • Are you looking to complete the ICDL certification examinations? Then this programme is for you.
  • Anyone looking to improve their knowledge of computer software.
Admission Requirements
  • Grade 10 or equivalent
  • Proficient in English
  • Basic Concept of Information Technology
  • Using the Computer and Managing Files 9MS-Windows)
  • Spreadsheets (MS-Excel)
  • Databases / Filling Sytems (MS-Access)
  • Presentation (MS-PowerPoint)
  • Information and Communication (MSOutlook & Internet Explorer
Upon successful completion of this course and passing all the ICDL Foundation examinations, the learner will receive their International Computer Driving License from the ICDL Foundation.

ICDL (International Computer Driving License) is offered at:

Centurion, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg, Witbank