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Diploma |3 Year | NQF 6 (360 credits) | SAQA ID: 97883


The Diploma in Sport Management has a scientific and practical approach and prepares students for various careers in the field of sport, recreation and movement development. The programme combines sport science, management and coaching subjects. Students are prepared to face the various challenges in the sport industry with confidence and expertise.

Exposure to the world of work (e.g. sport industry) is an important requirement of any vocational education and training. It is a unique way of learning because it is the process of developing a better understanding through direct experience. During your studies at the Academy you will be exposed to different learning experiences in this regard. Common examples include field trips, role plays, case studies and simulated workplace assignments, coaching at schools etc.

These courses and excursions give the students the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge in a practical environment. It also equips the students with additional skills and knowledge in order for them to make a success of their future endeavours.

Ideal for...

Individuals who:

  • wish to pursue a career in the sport, recreational and movement development industry
  • would love to help other children and adults lead a healthy lifestyle
  • wish to operate their own sport, fitness or movement development franchise
Admission Requirements

NSC (Gr 12) with entrance to Diploma studies or National Certificate (Vocational) with the minimum requirements for entrance to Diploma studies, as specified by UMALUSI (Life Sciences recommended)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

A minimum of 400 hours of work-integrated learning over 3 years of study is required.

NOTE: The experience must be directly relevant and related to your field of study. This type of learning is part of your curriculum and can be done after class, weekends or academy holidays.

Career Opportunities
  • Movement Educationalist
  • Personal Instructor
  • Professional Coaching
  • Professional Referee
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Gymnasium Manager
  • Sport Facility Manager
  • Sport Organiser
  • Entrepreneur
  • Assistant-Kinderkineticist (subject to qualifying and pass of internal workshop)
Year 1
  • Sport Management I
  • Fitness Science I
  • Sport Science I
  • Sport Coaching Science I
  • Movement Development I
  • Recreation I
  • Sport Marketing I
  • Coaching Methodology
Year 2
  • Sport Management II
  • Fitness Science II
  • Sport Science II
  • Sport Coaching Science II
  • Movement Development II
  • Recreation II
  • Sport Marketing II
Year 3
  • Sport Management III
  • Fitness Science III
  • Sport Science III
  • Sport Coaching Science III
  • Movement Development III
  • Recreation III
  • Sport Psychology
Compulsory Extras
Accredited Coaching and Umpiring Courses

Sport Management is offered as a:

  • Full Time Programme