Nated Programmes Report 191 Engineering Studies N1 - N3 Certificates

Examination Centre Number: 699992622

More About Engineering Studies N1 - N3

This exciting, modern and relevant programme of study is for learners who want to complete a specialised qualification in Armature Winding, Electrical, Industrial Electronics or Motor Mechanic. The programme is a skills, quality and knowledge based programme and is intended to directly respond to the priority skills demands of the modern economy in South Africa.

The programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge of the workplace. This will then empower them to make a positive contribution to the country’s economy, productivity and the development of new technology. This occupation based qualification reflects the workplace based needs of the electrical field. Many opportunities are opening up in the business world for men and women who take the trouble to qualify - opportunities to earn more money and to earn the respect of their employers and colleagues.


Compulsary Subjects

  • Mathematics N1 - N3
  • Engineering Science N1 - N3

Optional Subjects

  • Electrical Trade Theory N1 - N3
  • Armature Winding Theory N1 - N3
  • Motor or Diesel Theory N1 - N3
  • Industrial Electronics N1 - N3

Entrance Requirements

  • Learners should have passed grade 9.
  • Admission may be subject to a successful interview with the facilitator/principal.

Career Opportunities


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