ICB Business Management Intermediate Level HC NQF L5 (SAQA ID: 23619)

More About ICB Business Management (Intermediate Level)

Good business management is vitally important for a company's commercial success. In this programme, you'll learn about business and financial management best practices, office and legal practice, human resource management, computer literacy, global business strategy and research methods in commerce. You can achieve the ICB Business Management Foundation Level after completing just three subjects (and achieve the National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management). Continue your studies to progress to the Intermediate and Advanced Levels, and their associated nationally recognized qualifications.


After completion of Foundation Level:

  • Subject 4: Office and Legal Practice
  • Subject 5: Business Management 2
  • Subject 6: Marketing Management and Public Relations
  • Subject 7: Financial Statements
  • Subject 8: Human Resources Management and Labour Relations


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