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More About Introduction to Photography

This programme offers a structured approach to learning how to use your camera as well as capture the perfect photograph. If your passion is photography and you need help with technical settings and creative thinking, this course is definitely for you!

Centurion Academy's programmes are developed to improve critical thinking skills and as such incorporate a variety of instructional techniques that are used to assist in learning and to assess our students' progress.


  • Think like a photographer
  • How a Digital Camera Captures an Image
  • How to Hold Your Digital Camera
  • Basic Exposure
  • The Nature of Light
  • Using Flash
  • Understand Your Mode Dial
  • Composition
  • An Introduction to Lenses
  • Landscapes
  • Still Life
  • Portrait Photography
  • Action Photography
  • Low - Light Photography

Entrance Requirements

  • At least 16 ye ars of age
  • Learner to have their own camera (Lecturer may request to see the camera before enrolling)

Career Opportunities

  • Landscape Photographer
  • Still Life Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Action Photographer
  • Low - Light Photographer