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Short Course

More About Short Course in Fundamentals of Business Management

The Centurion Academy Short Programme in Business Management is designed for entrepreneurs running their own business, managers running a business unit of a company or someone that needs to learn more about business management, Centurion Academy's programmes are developed to improve critical thinking skills and as such incorporate a swiss replica watches variety of instructional techniques that are used to assist in learning and to assess our students' progress.


Business Management for the entrepreneur                       Public Relations

  Business functions                                                       What does public relations involve
 The role and tasks of management                              Methods of communication
Managerial competencies 
                                                                                               Operations Managemen                                              Fundamentals of Financial Management                      Operations strategy and operations design
Understanding financial statements                             Operations planning and control
Financial planning                                                         Operations improvement
Credit and collection methods                                                    
 Cash-flow planning                                                                    The Purchasing Function
                                                                                         Management of the purchasing function                                                                                                                             Purchasing activities


Fundamentals of the Marketing function                      The Human Resources Function   

Setting objectives and developing the  Market mix          Provision of human resources                  

Developing a marketing plan                                       Human resource maintenance

Human resource training and development

  Information Management

Entrance Requirements

              Grade 12 or equivalent

Career Opportunities

 Business Entrepreneur

Manager of small business unit